Auto Gas LPG Conversions in Hampshire

We are an UKLPG approved garage which means we will ensure that the correct system and installation is used to convert your car to an LPG.

LPG conversion is short for Liquefied Petroleum Gas and works in the same way as your normal petrol engine would just using an environmentally 'greener and cheaper' fuel. Everything about your engine would remain the same but a separate fuel system and fuel tank is added to your vehicle.

Once converted your vehicle becomes a DUAL Fuel vehicle, enabling you to change between fuels at a flick of a switch.

Why Choose A LPG Autogas Conversion at New Farm Motor Services?

LPG conversion could potentially cut your fuel bills by as much as 40%. It is said that the cost of an LPG conversion, can be recouped in one to two years, from money saved at the petrol station.

The price of LPG conversion does differ depending on many factors, tank size, location etc. With our experience of conversions over the years, we have been able to analyse which system is best suited to a particular vehicle.

Autogas is the best alternative to rising fuel prices´┐Ż

We are more than happy to answer any of your questions referring to Auto Gas LPG conversion and your cars suitability. Please contact us on 01962 732338 or refer to our more extensive specialist Auto Gas LPG Conversion website.


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